Stand out among the rest

If you’re looking to get your team/brand recognized and known there is no better way to promote yourself and your team than to look like a team. Now we have a solution that can be tailored to your organisational desires to get your organisation name buzzing in people’s ears. We bring you the opportunity to express your organisation through Custom Designed shirts.

We are the only ones in New Zealand who specialise in custom race shirts and are the only ones in New Zealand who have the distribution rights. We provide merchandise for both male and female and can accommodate for most sizes.

Whether you’re a race team, a workshop, promotional guru, or just a business looking to get brand awareness and brand image we provide you with the best opportunity to get noticed with high quality custom designed shirts that can be designed by you or we can design them for you to your particular specifications to meet your organisational goals.

We have highly skilled staff that can put anything and everything you can dream of. This can also provide you with an opportunity to thank your supporters and sponsors by getting them some attention on your shirts.


We do a range of custom wear to suit your needs. Tshirts, singlets, hoodies, gym gear and much more! We use the best quality garments in the market.

May it be screen printing or sublimated printing, we can do it all!

We use AS Colour, Biz Collection, C-Force, Gildan etc. for screen printing orders, high quality breathable dry cool material for sublimated shirts/ tshirts and the hoodie range comes in a high quality fleece material.



We offer multi layer suits up to spec, no matter what type of motorsport you're in to. Our race suits are approved around the world for various motorsport types.

Including: MSNZ, NZDRA, IHRA, D1NZ, ANDRA, CAMS, Off Road, Super Stock, TQ, Midget etc.


We recommend reading and understand your own safety rules for the type of motorsport class you are competing in. We do our best to help but you are responsible for choosing the correct products for your racing requirements.

For MSNZ events: All occupants shall wear clothing made to an approved standard or of an approved material and design as follows:

(a) Club Sport status Events: overalls, socks and closed shoes shall be worn.
(b) National status Events (including Rally sprints):
1. Overalls either Multi-layer, or Single layer worn in combination with underwear.
2. Socks and closed shoes.
3. Gloves shall also be worn in Single Seater and Open Sports Racing Cars.

Please note, for all MSNZ events, as of 01 April 2018 Schedule A safety clothing requirements will be changing. We suggest speaking to MSNZ directly to ensure you are getting the correct gear.


• All Prowear multi layer racing suits have been tested and approved by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) FIA 8856-2000 international standards.
• They have undergone a stringent testing process with FIA personnel, with approval based on the number of parameters including among others: fabric strength, build quality and fire resistance.
• Single layer suits currently meet the SFI standard.
• All FIA products around the world are manufactured and tested to an exact standard regardless of the location, brand name or price.
• FIA products are manufactured to a standard far in excess of other products on the market.
• Clothing not manufactured to a Standard; shall be made entirely of a flame resistant material (e.g. Nomex, Aramid, Wool, Cotton, Leather, etc.).
• Clothing made of flammable material (e.g. nylon or similar synthetics) is not approved.


We recommend that all race suits shown on this website are dry cleaned when needed. Please read the care labels before undergoing any cleaning.
Prowear take no responsibility for variations in colour or deterioration as a result from poor care.


Prowear products are made to a high standard. If any garment does not meet your expectations, please speak to us and we work to fix any problems you might have.


All forms of motorsport are potentially dangerous. Prowear produce protective clothing to help reduce the competitor's risk in some circumstances. We use internationally recognised quality fabrics but make no implied claim to the level of fire or other hazard protection.